Thira Lab

Thira Lab: Strengthening healthcare with innovative imaging solutions

Thira Lab is a collaboration between Thirona, Delft Imaging Systems and Radboud UMC and will comprise 9 researchers: 6 PhD students and 3 postdocs. All PhD students will graduate at Radboud University, in the Faculty of Medicine. The researchers will work as a lab unit in the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group. The Thira Lab director will be one of the promotors. The director and scientific managers of Thira are involved in the daily supervision of the researchers. The researchers spend 1 to 2 days per week at Thirona and will closely collaborate with Thirona’s deep learning researchers.

Mission: to perform world-class research to strengthen healthcare with innovative imaging solutions

Medical imaging is a cornerstone of medicine for diagnosis of disease, treatment selection and quantification of treatment effects. We strive to automatically interpret medical images with the aid of deep learning. Research projects in the lab will focus on recognition, detection, and quantification of objects and structures in images, with an initial focus on applications in the area of chest CT, radiography, and retinal imaging. The research will be published in the best academic venues and secured in patents.

Scientific Directors

Bram van Ginneken, Professor at Radboudumc
Clarisa Sánchez, Associate Professor at Radboudumc

Scientific Manager

Colin Jacobs, Assistant Professor at Radboudumc

Governing Board

Mathias Prokop, Professor and Head of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Radboudumc
Eva van Rikxoort, Managing Director at Thirona
Guido Geerts, CEO at Delft Imaging Systems and Thirona