About ICAI Venture & TTT.AI

The ICAI Venture programme has the aim to stimulate PhD students and staff of the knowledge institutes to look into the possibilities of starting a business with the solutions that are build. Together with the TTT.AI initiative, ICAI is working on a programme where employees of the universities can apply for support.

The TTT.AI offers researchers with ideas and plans for a startup the following:

  • One-year tailor made venture building program resulting in investor-ready startups, based on the needs and the phase of the startup;
  • Support in team completion of the startup via our national (entrepreneur) network;
  • Offer training and incubation programs;
  • Business development support including support in the interaction with investors;
  • Mentors & specialists;
  • Validation fund (25k/case) to finance first market interactions;
  • Match making events, network events & all kind or supportive community activities;
  • Strong partner and industry network and “embedded” in the national ecosystems: ICAI, NLAIC, Techleap and ROMs.

If you have an idea, thinking about a start-up, or have an early stage start-up and looking for funding, please reach out to us: esmit@icai.ai or  p.westerhuijs@ixa.nl

Why an AI knowledge-based startup program?

With the market for AI booming, many knowledge institutions in the Netherlands are making AI a top priority, initiating collaborations with industry partners, and growing their AI faculties. Yet, little attention has been paid to creating AI startups based on all this new scientific knowledge, using these university-industry networks, and making the most of the current time in which AI has fast-growing market potential. And without an AI startup program, opportunities have been missed. Indeed, of the total number of current AI startups, only a few are knowledge/science-based. Moreover, starting a business based on AI technology means dealing with issues specifically related to AI (for example, the fact that AI technology never stands alone). In short, there is a need for an AI knowledge-based startup program.

TTT.AI – The Dutch AI startup generator

TTT.AI is a national program that supports the transfer of AI science from university to startup and beyond. They aim to build the best AI startups by bringing together state-of-the-art science, innovative ideas, entrepreneurial talent and investment opportunities.

Are you an AI researcher with a great idea, or are you already involved in an AI startup, then TTT.AI would like to hear from you!

What’s in it for you?

  • For researchers TTT.AI offers a venture building program including a validation grant, where we bring your idea towards an investor-ready startup. You don’t need to have entrepreneurial ambitions yourself, as we do the work for you.
  • For startups we offer pre-seed funding and business support to take your company to the next level.


The TTT.AI program is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Education Culture and Science.