AI for Agro-Food lab

The AI for Agro-Food lab is a collaboration of 4TU (the four universities of technology in The Netherlands) and OnePlanet in cooperation with industry partners and coordinated by Wageningen University & Research. The aim of the lab is to evolve a new generation of ecology-based sustainable agricultural production systems that are supported and enhanced by smart tailored technology.

The lab will provide methods and tools that form the base for both integrated solutions for production systems, as well as sociotechnical scenarios for the transition towards these systems. This lab will be a subset of the larger Synergia crossover program initiated by NWO.

Research topics

Smart crop and animal sensing

Developing dedicated sensors for applications in horticulture, dairy farming and arable farming.

Intelligent control and decision making

Developing sustainable methods for customizable autonomous decision-making and management support of specific farming challenges.

Robotic handling

Developing algorithms to enable the accomplishment of the robot actuation tasks.

Scientific Director

Peter Groot Koerkamp is professor Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University & Research.

Lab Manager

Yannick van Gelder is coordinator Value Creation at Wageningen Data Competence Center.


Avular is a robotics company for drones and applications.
Connecterra is a technology company for sensor and management systems in dairy products.
IMEC is a Belgian R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies.
Provincie Flevoland is a regional government with interest in agriculture.
Kubota is a manufacturer of farming equipment and electronic solutions.
Leafteasers is a consultancy, certification and business accelerator in energy and agriculture.
Lely is a company for advanced milking, feeding and bar cleaning equipment for dairy cows.
NanoPHAB is a company for nanophotonic optical sensing and integrated spectometry.
NXP Semiconductors is a company for integrated circuits for radio-frequency applications.
OnePlanet is a research center for chip and digital technology innovations in food, agriculture and health.
Sensor Sense is a company dedicated to high sensitive laser-based trace gas instrumentation.
Settels Savenije is a company for opto-mechanical product design and manufacturing.
Signify is a company for lighting solutions for greenhouses.