AI for Fintech Research

AI for Fintech Research (AFR) is a collaboration between ING and Delft University of Technology. The mission of AFR is to perform world-class research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Software Analytics in the context of FinTech.

With 36 million customers, activities in 42 countries, and a total of 50,000 employees of which 15,000 work in IT, software and data technology is at the heart of ING’s business and operations. In this context, the AFR seeks to develop new AI-driven theories, methods, and tools in large scale data and software analytics.

Ten PhD researchers work in the lab for five years. Research topics will include, among other things, human-centered software analytics, autonomous software engineering, analytics delivery, data integration, and continuous experimentation.

AFR is bi-located at the ING campus Amsterdam and the TU Delft campus in Delft, bringing together students, engineers, researchers, professors, and enterpreneurs from both organizations at both locations.

Read more on AI for Fintech Research on the lab’s own website.

Scientific Director

Arie van Deursen is professor software engineering and head of the department of software technology at Delft University of Technology.