The AI for Risk Profiling and Decision Support (AI-RONDO) lab is a collaboration of Radboud University, Radboudumc, OnePlanet Research Center, ANT Neuro, Artinis Medical Systems, imec-NL, InfoSupport, NIVEL, Noldus Information Technology, Orikami Personalized Healthcare, ParkinsonNet, Stichting Open Spraaktechnologie, and Virtask. The lab focuses on the development of AI solutions for closed-loop systems that support the detection and monitoring of symptoms related to neuro-degenerative conditions, for risk profiling and decision support.

The mission of the AI-RONDO lab is to create applications that add value to people living with a neuro-degenerative condition. The lab focuses on innovative technologies that collect data in free- living situations, combining unobtrusive sensor systems, active task-based sensor data and patient reported outcomes. Such a deep phenotypic approach will help us understand impaired brain functioning as well as its clinical manifestation. The lab envisions to develop AI algorithms and tools that are incorporated into closed loop systems to support risk detection and decision making, allowing for personalized feedback to patients and healthcare professionals and adaptive control mechanisms.

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A selection of research topics

AI for automated behavior recognition

The development of algorithms for behavior recognition that can interpret continuous data streams coming from video-images and from a diversity of sensors.

AI for (home)monitoring for risk detection

Bringing together fundamental AI-research and initiatives that focus on clinical applications for decision support, based on the outcomes of risk monitoring tools that ultimately can be applied remotely, at the patient’s home.

AI for virtual case assistant

The development of high-end speech recognition AI technologies, which will contribute to blended care models, combining in-person and virtual care solutions.

Scientific Directors

Bastiaan Bloem

Tom Heskes

Marjan Meinders

Bastiaan Bloem is professor of neurology at Radboudumc, director Center of Expertise for Parkinson & Movement Disorders and cofounder of ParkinsonNet.
Tom Heskes is professor in artificial intelligence and computer science at Radboud University Nijmegen.
Marjan Meinders is senior research fellow in patient participation for quality improvement in health care at RadboudUMC.

Lab Manager

Luc Evers

Luc Evers is PhD student neuroscience at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour and visiting researcher computer science at Radboud University.


ANT Neuro is a Dutch corporation specialized in the development, marketing and sales of medical and research applications.
Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research equipment and quality assurance equipment.
imec-NL is a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology.
Info Support is the specialist in developing high quality software solutions and leading in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud architecture, managed services and IT training.
Nivel, Netherlands institute for health services research, is the national institute for health services research in the Netherlands.
Noldus Information Technology is a company that provides integrated systems including software, hardware, and services.
OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the R&D center for nano- and digital technology imec, Radboud University, Radboudumc and Wageningen University and Research.
Orikami Personalized Healthcare is a Dutch MedTech organization that specializes in applied data science and in the development and implementation of digital biomarkers to enable personalized healthcare for people with chronic diseases.
ParkinsonNet is a national coverage of networks and specialist care providers in the field of Parkingson disease.
Radboudumc is an academic hospital with expertise in clinical scientific research.
Radboud University is a student-centred university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields.
Stichting Open Spraaktechnologie is a foundation that aims to make high-quality Dutch speech technology available to the Dutch research community, non-profit institution and interested third parties.
Virtask is a company that focuses on the application of advanced virtual communication technique.