Announcement two new ICAI labs

We are expanding! In the past weeks, two new ICAI labs have launched. ICAI is happy to have them as a part of our ecosystem.

Explainable AI for Health

The Explainable AI for Health lab is a collaboration between the Leiden University Medical Center, Amsterdam UMC and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. Together, they will work on developing new forms of artificial intelligence that help physicians and patients with clinical decisions. 

The goal of the lab is to tailor and validate new inherently explainable AI techniques and guidelines that can be used for clinical decision-making.

Scientific director Peter A.N. Bosman says: “Clinical decision support based on AI can have great added value for physicians and patients”.

More info about this lab can be found on the the dedicated lab page:

Responsible and Ethical AI for Healthcare Lab (REAiHL)

Our 49th lab is the REAiHL lab, is a collab between SAS Institute, Erasmus Medical Center and Delft University of Technology. The lab aims to develop and deploy AI technologies that are safe, transparent, and aligned with ethical principles to improve healthcare outcomes.

The new AI Ethics Lab was initiated by internist-intensivist Michel van Genderen from Erasmus MC. Diederik Gommers, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at Erasmus MC, is also closely involved: “Initially, the new AI Ethics Lab will focus on developing best practices for the Intensive Care Unit,” Buijsman says. “But our ultimate goal is to develop a generalized framework for the safe and ethical application of AI throughout the entire hospital. We therefore expect to soon start addressing use cases from other clinical departments as well.”

More info about REAiHl can be found here: