#20 with Maarten Sukel of Municipality of Amsterdam

In episode 20 of the Snoek op Zolder podcast, host Hennie Huijgens talks with Maarten Sukel, AI lead and member of the CTO Innovatieteam at the Municipality of Amsterdam. They talk about cameras on garbage trucks and ‘smart garbage containers’, edge computing as a solution to privacy issues, sensors that no longer store data. They also mention how the Municipality of Amsterdam is a popular organization for internships; the Algorithm Register, and life-long learning. (The podcast is in Dutch.)

#19 with Frans van Ette – the impact of AI and why AI is more trendy than blockchain

In episode 19 of the Snoek op Zolder podcast, host Hennie Huijgens talks with Frans van Ette, director of AI at TNO and chair of the Data Sharing working group of the Netherlands AI Coalition, about federated data versus data lakes, involving SMEs in AI developments, the impact of AI on society, the development towards plug-and-play solutions for AI, European Data Spaces, the future of data sovereignty, the Guide to interoperable data sharing for AI applications of the Data Sharing working group of the NL AIC, ELSA-Labs, why AI is more trendy than blockchain and tips for HBO students who want to use data. (The podcast is in Dutch.)

Episode 18 with Stefan Leijnen – creativity and AI and much more

In this new episode of the AI science podcast Snoek op Zolder, host Hennie Huijgens speaks with Stefan Leijnen, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and coordinator of the research and innovation working group of the Netherlands AI Coalition, about creativity and AI, and how AI relates to art. They also discuss the role of the Netherlands AI Coalition and the role of the Research and Innovation working group, the opportunities and challenges of AI for SME’s, the arrival of regional AI hubs in which entrepreneurs will collaborate, the position of the Dutch ‘HBO’ in research and practice, Europe’s catching up in AI and the role of ELSA-labs in this. They end with examples of hybrid AI in art applications: the Neural Zoo poster, the work of Nadieh Bremer of visualcinnamon.com, fashion designer Amber Jae Slooten and dancer David Middendorp. (The podcast is in Dutch.)

Episode 17 with Inge Molenaar of Radboud University and the Adaptive Learning Lab

In episode 17 of Snoek op Zolder Inge Molenaar, associate professor at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) of Radboud University and leader of the Adaptive Learning Lab, talks about AI, data and learning analytics in education. She discusses the research, use and the didactical and ethical implications of adaptive learning technologies in human learning.

The podcast is in Dutch.

Episode 16 with Dominique Roest of the Police AI Lab

In episode 16 of Snoek op Zolder Dominique Roest, Kwartiermaker Team Rendement Operationele Informatie at the Dutch Police and member of ICAI’s Advisory Board, tells about the huge increase in data in the police world, the ethical aspects that play an important role with that, why AI is such an important asset for detective work, the TROI-team as a startup within the police, how much fun it is to work for the police, the values of good laws and regulations and the future of AI for investigative work.