Episode 17 with Inge Molenaar of Radboud University and the Adaptive Learning Lab

In episode 17 of Snoek op Zolder Inge Molenaar, associate professor at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) of Radboud University and leader of the Adaptive Learning Lab, talks about AI, data and learning analytics in education. She discusses the research, use and the didactical and ethical implications of adaptive learning technologies in human learning.

The podcast is in Dutch.

Episode 16 with Dominique Roest of the Police AI Lab

In episode 16 of Snoek op Zolder Dominique Roest, Kwartiermaker Team Rendement Operationele Informatie at the Dutch Police and member of ICAI’s Advisory Board, tells about the huge increase in data in the police world, the ethical aspects that play an important role with that, why AI is such an important asset for detective work, the TROI-team as a startup within the police, how much fun it is to work for the police, the values of good laws and regulations and the future of AI for investigative work.