The AI for Energy Grids Lab is focused on developing methods and tools that use grid data to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of the medium-low voltage grid. It combines the expertise of Alliander data scientists, electrical engineers, and the latest digitalization programs for grid data, with academic expertise on methods from artificial intelligence. The lab’s collaboration network includes all Dutch Distribution system operators, as well as academic institutions such as Delft University of Technology, Radboud University, and the University of Twente.

The research at the HEALTHY-AI Lab aims to develop trustworthy, robust artificial intelligence (AI) technology for use in healthcare, with a primary focus on assisting with prostate cancer diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and exploring the ethical challenges of achieving trustworthy AI. HEALTHY-AI Lab is a collaboration between Radboud UMC, Siemens Healhtineers, UMC Groningen, and the University of Twente.