Episode 18 with Stefan Leijnen – creativity and AI and much more

In this new episode of the AI science podcast Snoek op Zolder, host Hennie Huijgens speaks with Stefan Leijnen, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and coordinator of the research and innovation working group of the Netherlands AI Coalition, about creativity and AI, and how AI relates to art. They also discuss the role of the Netherlands AI Coalition and the role of the Research and Innovation working group, the opportunities and challenges of AI for SME’s, the arrival of regional AI hubs in which entrepreneurs will collaborate, the position of the Dutch ‘HBO’ in research and practice, Europe’s catching up in AI and the role of ELSA-labs in this. They end with examples of hybrid AI in art applications: the Neural Zoo poster, the work of Nadieh Bremer of visualcinnamon.com, fashion designer Amber Jae Slooten and dancer David Middendorp. (The podcast is in Dutch.)