Ethics statement

ICAI stimulates research, innovation and talent development in human-centered artificial intelligence. That is, in AI that seeks to augment the abilities of, address the societal needs of, and draw inspiration from people. 

ICAI asks every lab to follow the internal guidelines, and, where applicable, external procedures of the knowledge institute(s) at which the lab is based, concerning ethical and legal issues in relation to collaborations with external partners. The internal procedures and external procedures should be followed both when setting up a lab and during the execution of the lab’s research, innovation and training activities. Knowledge institutes based in the Netherlands have their own ethics committees and ethical review boards, who can support their researchers while selecting and setting up collaborations with external partners and can answer questions that may arise with the partnerships. This could be regarding ethical questions, dual use issues, or any other concerns that may arise while setting up collaborations aimed at research, innovation and talent development, or while executing research and training programs as part of such ongoing collaborations.

During the collaborations, staff and students who are working in the ICAI Labs are expected to:

  • be aware of principles that the VSNU has established for research integrity;
  • be well- informed about ethical issues that may arise within their field ;
  • behave like a scientific professional, in accordance with the guidelines of the VSNU.

In case of any questions or doubts on ethical or dual use issues researchers in an ICAI Lab are advised to connect to their internal ethical and/or legal committees for guidance and support.