ICAI Launch Pad Career Café in May: join the industry or start your own company

ICAI has initiated the Launch Pad together with the Netherlands AI Coalition with the aim to connect AI talent with organizations in the Dutch ecosystem by providing a matchmaking process between AI-PhD students and Dutch companies looking for AI talent. There are no costs involved for the students. We do this on a non-profit basis.

We believe that the Netherlands offers great opportunities in the field of AI for our top AI experts.

Meetup Program

12:00 (noon): Opening
12:02 Careers that combine science and industry by Jan Driessen (Nexperia)
12:20 First Q& A
12:30 The Dutch AI Startup Ecosystem by Giulia Donker (TTT-AI)
12:45: Second Q& A
13:00 End

“Careers that combine science and industry”

Jan Driessen received his Ph.D in Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) in 1989. From 1990-1996 he continued fundamental research at various scientific institutes in the USA and NL. Since 1997 he works in industry, developing smart manufacturing solutions by applying a scientific approach to the field of data-collection and data-analysis

In this career talk he will share his tips and guidelines on how to continue scientific work and combine it with the long-term transformative ambitions of an industrial organization. Besides the scientific effort, it requires even more effort to bring multiple teams together and to align their expertise. As such, large part of an industrial job is all about managing your network – listening, convincing (easy language), identifying requests, keep updated.


“The Dutch AI Startup Ecosystem”

During this presentation, I will give some insights into what it means to start your own AI company. What are unique problems that you face as an AI startup? What are the tools and initiatives that you can reach out to? And what are some best practices? In 15 minutes, you’ll get a basic understanding of the Dutch AI Startup Ecosystem.


25 May 2022


12:00 - 13:00

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