ICAI: Venture – Startups NL

!Due to the current corona situation, we decided to have this event online!

Learn more about Applied AI Technologies for data stream processing and data analytics by two inspiring Dutch startups, DuckDB Labs and Stream Machine, and join this ICAI Meetup hosted on location at Startup Village in Amsterdam.

Stream Machine is a company based in the Netherlands with the mission to drive privacy-safe applied AI for data stream processing (streammachine.io)

DuckDB Labs is based in Amsterdam and focused on efficient data analytics with the first purpose built in-process Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)-database management system (duckdblabs.com)

15:30 Welcome and opening by ICAI
15:35 Hannes Mühleisen presents “In-Process Analytics with DuckDB”
15:50 Q&A
16:00 Pim Nauts presents “Privacy as opportunity: data streams for the privacy age with STRM Privacy”
16:15 Q&A
16:25 Closing
16:30 End

“In-Process Analytics with DuckDB” by Hannes Mühleisen, Co-founder and CEO DuckDB labs

DuckDB is an analytical SQL data management system that runs directly within applications. This greatly simplifies setups and vastly improves data transfer efficiency. DuckDB is free and open source software and has already proven quite popular, currently enjoying ca. 100 000 downloads per week. Hannes Mühleisen will present the design rationale and current status of the project and his company behind the project, DuckDB labs

“Privacy as opportunity: data streams for the privacy age with STRM Privacy” by Pim Nauts, Co-founder Stream Machine

Data privacy regulations serve a great purpose, but add coordination, uncertainty and often even limit launching new products and features for data teams in organizations.

STRM privacy is a data platform designed around privacy. By deeply integrating data shape, consent and classification we bring data privacy to the point of data collection. Data is processed into privacy streams with usable data for a specific purpose, like analytics or personalization. This way data teams can “just build” great data products with trust from their customers, leadership and legal teams – and so ship quicker and with confidence.

In our talk we’ll dive deeper into our setup, how we approach the data stream processing and how our customers are using us.



25 Nov 2021


15:30 - 16:30




Online Event