Labs Meetup

On 6th of October between 12:00 and 13:00, ‘ ICAI: The Labs’ will have a meetup on AI for computer vision in the Netherlands. Two labs each present their work and discuss challenges and developments in this field.

The Labs:

QUVA Lab is the collaboration between Qualcomm and the University of Amsterdam. The mission of the QUVA-lab is to perform world-class research on deep vision. Such vision strives to automatically interpret with the aid of deep learning what happens where, when and why in images and video.

Lab 2:



12.00 (noon): Opening

12:05 Introduction of the QUVA Lab by Yuki Asano

12:10 QUVA Lab: Philip Lippe about: “CITRUS: Causal Identifiability from Temporal Sequences with Interventions”

12:25 Introduction Lab 2 TBC

12:30 Presentation Lab 2 TBC

12.45 Discussion of what’s next in AI in Computer Vision

13:00 End




Understanding the underlying causal factors of a dynamical system is a crucial step towards agents reasoning in complex environments. Recent progress in causal representation learning and non-linear ICA showed that, in certain situations like factors being independent, it is possible to uncover such factors from observations. We seek to extend this line of work to a temporal domain where interventions have been performed on a subset of variables in between time steps, which resembles the setting of an agent taking actions over time. We propose CITRUS, a variational autoencoder framework which, with the help of interventional data, can identify the causal variables up to their intervention-dependent aspects and all remaining information. Further, CITRUS can be extended to pretrained autoencoders, opening up future research areas of simulation-to-real-world generalization for causal learning. Evaluated on visually complex image sequences with non-linear relations among causal variables, the method is capable to disentangle and recover the underlying causal variables.

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06 Oct 2022


12:00 - 13:00