Programs & Funding for researchers

The TTT-AI team is always on the lookout for AI innovations with business potential to participate in our venture-building program. Whether you have entrepreneurial ambitions yourself to build a company around your AI innovation or would like to see your science move beyond a research project and have a real impact on society, our team of experienced business developers and entrepreneurs can help make that happen. Whether we build the startup with you or for you, if the startup is successful, you’ll be rewarded.

Our venture-building program lasts one year and has three stages:

Step 1 Conceptualize. It starts with analyzing how the innovation or algorithm(s) can be put to use. We will look at the end-user perspective, application possibilities, added value, markets, opportunities and risks. This will result in a plan of action with the necessary steps to develop the product.

Step 2 Create. During this stage, the startup team is formed and coached. Then, cooperation with key partners is initiated (e.g., commercial partners, programming help, organizations sharing data , validation partners) and demonstration models are tested.

Step 3 Commercialize. During the final stage, the product is positioned, and the value proposition, revenue model, and business case are created. Finally, legal and ethical matters are addressed and customer engagement is initiated.

Each case entering our program will receive a full year of tailor-made support from the TTT-AI team as well as technical and entrepreneurial mentors. You will also have access to a fund for validation projects. All of this is offered at no cost.

So, do you have a brilliant idea for a startup? Or would you like more information? Please contact us!