Programs & Funding for startups

If you’ve just started a business, you know it can be difficult to find investors. Especially risk capital is hard to come by. This is why our TTT.AI program also offers financial support to startups and a venture-building program. The TTT.AI Investment Fund offers convertible loans of € 250k to startups that show real potential.

Startups receiving a loan will also be actively supported in the development of their business, including:

  • product development
  • business modeling
  • team building
  • IP & legal strategy
  • go-to-market strategy & execution
  • cost & revenue streams
  • stakeholder management


The TTT.AI Investment Fund is managed by our partner, LUMO Labs. The criteria to qualify for the 250K convertible loans of the TTT AI investment fund are, in short (contact LUMO Labs for the full list of criteria):

  • The startup is located in The Netherlands
  • The startup is science based: they build on knowledge of research organizations
  • The startup makes use of, or is developing, AI technology (TRL3 and higher)
  • The startup is in a pre-seed stage: no revenues / commercial activities yet
  • The startup has a positive impact on society
  • We prefer to invest in teams, rather than single founders
  • We prefer to invest in startups that are referred to us by the TTT.AI business developers


The TTT.AI program also offers support for startups moving into their scaleup phase that are in need of funding. We do not offer funding ourselves, but we’ve joined forces with a great deal of regional investment agencies and venture capitalists offering funding for startups.

If you’d like more info, please contact us!