The ICAI Head office is your first point of contact for all matters related to ICAI. The ICAI Head office is responsible for our day-to-day business. It collects best practices and templates for setting up collaborative AI labs, is the contact point for potential new partners who want to engage in AI innovation and for initiatives focused on AI talent.

With corporate organizations, governmental organizations, and not-for-profits we establish AI research labs with a shared research agenda, both to create innovations and to develop new AI talent. Please reach out to our business director Esther Smit to discuss options and to find the right expertise, anywhere in the Netherlands.

There are different ways in which ICAI works together with start-ups and SMEs. They may be associated with an ICAI lab and some of the students currently working in our labs are keen to pursue startup trajectories. Again, please reach out to Esther Smit for contacts and leads.

For information about talent, please visit the joint appointment program or contact us directly. Information about the ICAI launch pad will be available in Q2/2020.

The ICAI Head office is located in the Lab42 building at Science Park 900, 1098 XH Amsterdam