ICAI is looking for a project manager

Do you have a creative mind in setting up new projects? And do you like to work independently with multiple stakeholders? Send your application before 31 August!

The project manager will be working on a big ICAI Consortium Proposal. This consortium is an initiative of the Innovation Center for Articifial Intelligence (ICAI) and will be funded by NWO and industry. The project manager will be working closely with the researchers, business developers, industry partners and internal Faculty departments to build the full proposal.

The consortium is building around ICAI and in the ICAI way of working with ICAI labs, where researchers and industry partners work very closely on topics that are of high importance for the industry partner(s). This specific consortium and proposal is a proposal for a 10 year project in close relation to the industry in the Netherlands.

Find ouit more about the vacancy and apply here.