ICAI’s 2022 Graphic Overview

Although we are already half way through 2023, it’s always good to look back at the successes our institute have reached so far. In the spirit of ICAI’s mission to support open talent and technology development and ‘Make AI for Everyone’, we managed to accomplish great goals in the past year.

Therefore, we would like to present you: The ICAI 2022 graphic overview, in which we offer a comprehensive overview of our achievements in 2022.

This infographic showcases four of the six pillars of ICAI, which resembles the foundation of our institute: ICAI Labs, ICAI Academy, ICAI Venture and ICAI Connector.


ICAI ended 2022 with a portfolio of 32 labs. 334 PhD students and 100 partners worked together to deliver a great amount of 254 research papers, which we are very proud of. We continue to grow, and expect to add more valuable labs to our ecosystem this year.


We managed to organise a lot of interesting events within our community, giving visitors the opportunity to network and educate themselves about the latest trends in the field of AI. Interested in our next event? Don’t forget to regularly check our events page on the website, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.


With our Dutch podcast ‘Snoek op Zolder’ (produced by Henny Huijgens) we reached the magic number of over 5500 downloads! Little teaser: a new season is in the making, and we can’t wait to share this new season with our community.