Testimonial Cees Snoek

Why is AI so important for the Netherlands?

“We live in a data-driven society. AI makes this data actionable in ways that cannot be imagined by humans. The Netherlands needs AI to maintain relevant and competitive in the world.”

What will surprise us the most in AI over the next five years?

“I believe surprising breakthroughs can be expected in domains that are traditionally dominated by human experts, like healthcare, safety and education.”

What is the biggest misconception about AI?

“AI will not lead to singularity or the end of the world. As is common with any revolutionary technology, fear needs to be taken away, trust needs to be established and knowledge needs to be shared. ICAI has an important duty here.”


Cees Snoek is professor of multimedia information at UvA, CSO of Kepler Vision, and former chief scientist at Qualcomm NL.