PhD Positions

Are you ready to create with purpose? The Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence is offering you the opportunity to work on real-world challenges with access to real data. Our ultimate goal is to make AI safe and trustworthy for the benefit of everyone. Collaboration is key. Are you in?

Ask yourself what your PhD should be about: Are you eager to gain industry experience? Curious about working with world-leading AI experts? Convinced of the value of shared ownership? We offer all this and a decent salary while expanding your international network. And let’s not forget the joy of discovering the Dutch life.

Join us and meet your fellow best and brightest. Bring us your creativity, persistence, and curiosity. Turn your ideas into a better future. Your next step is our next step to make AI for everyone.

As part of the ROBUST program, we are offering a total of 85 fully funded PhD student positions in 2023. So far, 0 positions have been filled, 14 positions are available now (see below), 71 positions will be available soon.