Joint Appointments Programme

Together with the Kickstart AI initiative, ICAI has launched a joint appointment programme. Investing in private-public collaboration through joint appointments of academic staff, providing access for the next generation of AI talent to education, training and leading academics.

Joint appointments are shared academic-industrial appointments, for instance 3 days at a university and 2 days at a company. Such joint appointments are of interest for academic staff as they provide staff with access to real-world problems, real-world data, real-world evaluation opportunities, with the potential for significant real-world impact. In addition, companies may be able to offer attractive reward packages.

Previous and current joint appointments:

  • Dr. Nicola Pezzotti (joint appointment between Eindhoven University of Technology and Philips)
  • Dr. Sebastian Schelter (joint appointment between University of Amsterdam and Ahold Delhaize)
  • Dr. Ruud van Sloun (joint appointment between the Eindhoven University of Technology and Philips)
  • Prof.dr. Maarten de Rijke (joint appointment between the University of Amsterdam and Ahold Delhaize)

Companies that are interested in co-funding joint appointments and universities that are interested in offering vacancies for a joint appointment are invited to approach ICAI. We help to match companies and universities, and we share example contracts etc. that may help smoothen legal and HR processes.