Launch pad

How can we support our ecosystem and retain the talent in our ecosystem? This is what we try to achieve in the Launch Pad.

At the moment, many of the trained PhD students go (back) abroad, without actually being aware of the possibilities and favorable living conditions in the Netherlands. By actively acting on this and also approaching PhD students abroad, we can inform talent about opportunities in the Netherlands and raise awareness about the Dutch labor market.

To be able to achieve this goal, ICAI has initiated the Launch Pad together with the Netherlands AI Coalition with the aim to connect AI talent with organisations in the Dutch ecosystem by providing a matchmaking process between AI-PhD students and Dutch companies looking for AI talent.

We believe that the Netherlands offers great opportunities in the field of AI for our top AI experts. At the moment we see that it can be challenging to find the right expert, where PhD students get offers from abroad. We would like to introduce the PhD students to these organizations in the Dutch ecosystem with exciting challenges where they can make a difference. The goal of this questionnaire is to find companies who are interested in this matchmaking process and are looking for the connection with AI PhD students.

There are no costs for the students. We do this on a non-for-profit basis.

If you are interested as a PhD student or organisation to participate, please send an email to: