Privacy Statement UvA ‘Launch Pad’

Privacy is a highly important topic for the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and therefore UvA handles your personal data with care. In this Privacy Statement we describe how personal data is processes and how the privacy of all individuals is protected in case of the processing of your personal data with respect to the project ‘Launch Pad’ within the main project Innovation Center of Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), with its mission to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in Artificial Intelligence (AI), of which UvA is the initiator. Main goal of the Launch Pad project is to pro-actively support the AI talented students in their careers.

1. Who is responsible?

The UvA is responsible for processing your personal data (the ‘controller’) within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR).

The UvA is located at Spui 21, 1012 WX Amsterdam. Our postal address is PO Box 19268, 1000 WX Amsterdam. Any questions you might have can be emailed to with a copy to

The UvA has appointed a data protection officer (‘DPO’). The DPO’s email address is

2. Which (categories of) personal data are processed?

By joining the Launch Pad project we need some of your personal data. It depends on your situation which personal data we need.

If you are from an organization who wants to join the project we process the name of your organization, the name of the contact person of the organization (first, initials and last name), its email address and telephone number.

If you are a PhD student who wants to join the project we process the following personal data: your name (first, initials and last name), your email address, age, education, interest in future jobs, skills, relevant working experience .

3. For what purpose and on what legal basis?

Personal data will only be used for the following purposes:

With respect to the organizations: to connect organizations to PhD students

With respect to the PhD students: to pro-actively support you in your career by connect and match you to an organization.

We process your personal data on the basis of your consent to process these specific personal data. You are free to withdraw your consent at any time. We will not further process your personal data from the moment of withdrawal.

4. Who has access to your personal data, will your data be shared with third parties, and outside the European Union?

The personal data collected will be viewed by authorized employees of the UvA, who by virtue of their position within the UvA have a role in the processing of your personal data for the above purposes and for whom it is necessary to have access.

The UvA shares your personal data only with a processor, Growth Accelerator B.V. (‘Growth’), who will support the UvA with the matching process of the PhD’s to the organizations. Growth will make use of a sub-processor. Growth and its subprocessor are based in the European Union. The UvA entered into a data processing agreement with Growth. Your personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

5. How long will your personal data be stored?

With respect to the PhD students: Your personal data will be stored for one year and will be deleted after this.

With respect to the organisation: Your personal data will be stored as long as you are participating in the programme with max. one year after you final matchmaking and will be deleted after this.

6. How do we secure your personal data?

We do our utmost to protect your personal data from being lost, destroyed, abused, altered or spread by unauthorized parties. For this reason, persons who have nothing to do with your Personal Data, do not have access to them. We ensure this by taking the following measures:

Secure network connections with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), or a comparable technology;

The access to the Personal Data is secured by two-step authentication.

The access to the Personal Data is strictly limited to the employees on a ‘need to know’ basis: the people involved from ICAI, NL AIC and Growth Accelerator;

7. How can you exercise your privacy rights?

You have the following rights:

You can request access to your personal data;

You can request us to correct, limit or delete your personal data;

You can object to the processing of your personal data.


In the event that you wish to exercise these privacy rights, or in the event of other questions or remarks regarding this Privacy Statement, you can contact us via
If you are not satisfied with how the UvA dealt with your personal data, you can submit a complaint with the Data Protection Officer of the UvA, at