Launching of the sixteenth ICAI-lab: AI for Agro-Food lab

Together with the 4TU, OnePlanet and several industry partners, Wageningen University & Research has set up the AI for Agro-Food lab. This sixteenth ICAI lab will evolve a new generation of ecology-based sustainable agricultural production systems that are supported and enhanced by smart tailored technology. The lab is the first ICAI-lab in Wageningen.

The AI for Agro-Food lab will provide methods and tools that form the base for both integrated solutions for production systems, as well as sociotechnical scenarios for the transition towards these systems. This lab will be a subset of the larger Synergia crossover program initiated by NWO.

Research topics

One of the research topics of the lab will be smart crop and animal sensing. The researchers aim to develop dedicated sensors for applications in horticulture, dairy farming and arable farming. Secondly, the lab will focus on intelligent control and decision making by developing sustainable methods for customizable autonomous decision-making and management support of specific farming challenges. Finally, robotic handling will be an important research topic. The researchers will focus on developing algorithms to enable the accomplishment of the robot actuation tasks.

The lab will be under the academic supervision of professor Peter Groot Koerkamp. Yannick van Gelder is lab manager.

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