Opening MindLabs building MasterMinds Lab Tilburg 

For the opening event of MindLabs, approximately 250 people were there, among which representatives from all MindLabs partners, representatives of the government, and more.

After a welcome by Tilburg Mayor Theo Weterings, visitors were invited for a tour along five knowledge stations demonstrating the research that takes place at MindLabs. Tilburg University presented the five MasterMinds projects together with its (business) partners. The MasterMinds project, led by prof. dr. Max Louwerse, consists of five innovativeresearch projects in which 15 partners work together to develop breakthroughs with the help of AI technology.

In the Gaming Lab, Gianluca Guglielmo, MSc, presented his research about complex decision making processes in logistics using serious games, together with partners The Barn (Bas van Nuland), who developed the game, The Port of Rotterdam (Annemieke Hol-van Besemer) and Fontys IT (Olaf Janssen).

In the VR-lab, Mohammad Ali Mousavi, MSc, presented his research about the effectiveness of virtual reality training in engineering and maintenance tasks. He showed the audience about the performed experiments at MasterMinds partner Actemium. In addition, Luuk Schepers, from partner Marel, demonstrated their training simulation which the audience was able to experience using a VR-headset.

In the Brain & Behavior Lab, Evy van Weelden, MSc, explained about her research which focuses on neurophysiology, virtual reality and aerospace, a project with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and multiSIM. She demonstrated multiSIM’s virtual flight simulation and the audience was invited to experience flying through aerospace themselves.

Laduona Dai, MSc, gave a presentation about his research on virtual humans in education, together with partners Zwijsen (Femke van der Lecq and Natasja Corver), Spacebuzz (Janine Geijsen) and Fontys IT (Olaf Janssen). Laduona also demonstrated, using VR headsets, a 360 virtual environment in which an astronaut teaches about space.

In one of Tilburg University’s college rooms, Niloy Purkait, MSc, together with Johan Ringeling from Interpolis, gave a presentation about the research on predicting behavior using data science, and the goal to be able to communicate to specific groups which are more prone to specific risks. 

Watch an introduction to the MasterMinds project here:

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We look back on a very interesting and interactive event, in which the MasterMinds projects were able to show the great and innovative research that is being done!

This project has been made possible by the Region Deal Mid- and West-Brabant. For more information, please visit or