Registration ICAI Day – October 27

Registration Part 1: Lunch table discussions (12:00 to 13:30 hrs)

Sign up here for the lunch table you would like to join. You can only register for one table.
You need to register separately for the second part of the ICAI Day (see form below).

1. Inclusive society with data engineering

Table 1 is fully booked.

2. Autonomous systems in mobility

Table 3 is fully booked.

3. Robotics autonomous agents

Table 4 is fully booked.

4. Computer vision in Healthcare

Table 5 is fully booked.

5. Using AI in education and gouvernmental org.

Table 6 is fully booked.

6. Online personalization and impact

Table 7 is fully booked.

Registration Part 2: Afternoon Programme (13:45 to 17.00 hrs)