STROKE Lab focuses on improving the outcome of stroke patients by developing AI-based models for various stages in the patient journey and assessing these models for clinical practice. The lab is a collaboration between Erasmus MC and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, who bring in clinical domain and academic expertise, and Philips interested in the development of products for clinical decision support.

The research of Trustworthy AI for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (TAIMRI) Lab aims to improve the accuracy and reduce the costs of MRI-based diagnosis using AI methods, with a focus on neurological and musculoskeletal diseases. TAIMRI Lab is a collaboration between Erasmus MC, General Electric Healthcare, and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

REAiHL aims to develop and deploy AI technologies that are safe, transparent, and aligned with ethical principles to improve healthcare outcomes. Through synergistic efforts, the academic (ErasmusMC and TU Delft) and non-academic (SAS Institute) stakeholders will foster collaboration and innovation to advance the ethical use of AI in healthcare.