Second LTP AI Matchmaking Meetup

NWO has recently published a call for Long Term Programmes (LTPs). The strategic aim of an LTP is to provide a powerful and long-term stimulus for the development of a scientific field in the Netherlands, focusing on a societal theme and/or key technologies.

ICAI is leading an effort to build a consortium for an LTP around AI with the title: ‘Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence-based Systems for Sustainable Growth.’

The program’s ambition is to help drive growth through AI-based solutions that are sustainable environmentally (through reduced computational and data requirements), industrially (through talent and tool development), and societally (through fairness and transparency).

The LTP offers the possibility to focus on specific application areas of AI, such as: Energy Transition & Sustainability; Agriculture, Water & Food; Health & Care; Security; Financial Services; Mobility, Transport & Logistics, etc. It builds on the thriving ICAI network of academic-industrial collaborations.

We are looking for both academic and industry partners to join this initiative. This is why we will organise a second LTP Matchmaking Meetup on 12 March 2021, 14:00 – 14:30h.

This meetup will be a shortened version of the first matchmaking meetup held on 11 February and will be a general introduction to the LTP, aimed at those who are interested in the possibility to be part of the consortium.

Meetup programme:

14:00 Introduction of the LTP program + R&D goals
14:10 Application areas + what are we looking for & what can we offer
14:20 Q&A

Sign up for participation here.