SME clinics

What is a SME-Clinic?

The purpose of the AI SME clinics is (i) to establish a hub where we disseminate AI knowledge to SMEs in a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory manner, and (ii) to strengthen connections between the knowledge institutions and SME parties to transfer knowledge. To achieve this, this set-up contributes to the launch of a national AI SME clinics network with local diversity. This will make use of open published knowledge and tools that are open and accessible. This will lead to a national AI SME-clinics network with:

knowledge transfer broadly to SMEs; – knowledge transfer and best practices between knowledge institutions; – support and training of a large number of students in the projects; and – the programme management of the knowledge institutions in the cooperation with SMEs.

For the projects, the SME’s will make a market-based financial contribution to make the AI SME-Clinics sustainable in the long term without additional subsidy.