Snoek op Zolder – New podcast by NL AIC and ICAI

Now listen to the second episode of ‘Snoek op Zolder’, starring professor Frank van Harmelen. Snoek op Zolder is the new weekly science podcast by the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) and ICAI.

In this second episode, Hosts Hennie Huijgens and Sietse van Gorkum speak with Frank van Harmelen (VU), professor knowledge representation and reasoning, on the Discovery Lab. Within this lab, Elsevier, VU and UvA, conduct research into the use of AI to support scientist in their research methods. They discuss the twenty million euros, ten-year collaboration between researchers from six Dutch universities in the Hybrid Intelligence Center and the research lag of Europe compared to America and China.

Special treat: the song ‘Artificial Intelligence’ written exclusively for this podcast by singer-songwriter Yanna Pelser.

About de podcast

In Snoek op Zolder the hosts will be discussing small and large AI innovations, exciting research results and earth-shaking theories every week with passionate curiosity and humor. With this podcast they aim to spread knowledge about AI and inspire people to learn more about it.

There will be a new podcast every week, you can listen to the first episode on any podcast app or platform!