Talent is by far the most important ingredient for a country to be successful in AI innovation. That’s why ICAI labs are focused on attracting, training and retaining PhD students.

Together with Kickstart AI, ICAI has helped to launch a joint appointment program: investing in private-public collaboration through joint appointments of academic staff, providing access for the next generation of AI talent to education, training and leading academics. The first commitment is to create 5 joint appointments to academic institutions in the Netherlands by each of the frontrunner companies in Kickstart AI, adding up to 25 positions in total by the end of 2020. More information about the joint appointment program.

During 2020, ICAI will kick off ICAI launch pad, aimed at making sure that PhD students who complete their training in one of the ICAI labs find their next career opportunity inside the Netherlands. Stay tuned.

Contact: Esther Smit, esmit@icai.ai.