Testimonial Mieke van den Berg

Why is AI important for the Netherlands?

“AI affects our daily life now and in the future even more. Often we do not realize we are using AI technology such as when surfing the web searching information or receiving suggestions what to do or what to buy. Or when we try to find the fastest way home. It is important to expand our own knowledge of AI in the Netherlands. We in Europe have a different (ethical) approach to using data. Therefore we should incorporate this into our own algorithms, which form the backbone of AI technology.”

What makes ICAI unique?

“Six professors working in different areas of AI have one vision about AI. I think that’s quite unique. They bring their experience, network and insight in the world of AI together to create an Innovation Center. They don’t want to keep ICAI for themselves but hope that other researchers in The Netherlands will join them.”

What personal strength will you bring to ICAI?

“Connecting people and building an AI community. It’s fun to connect people from different organizations, with different ideas and expectations. It’s like being an operator of an old telephone switchboard.”


Mieke van den Berg is a communication and organization professional at the Informatics Institute of UvA and director of COMMIT/.
Do you have a question regarding ICAI? Send an email to Mieke van den Berg at info@icai.ai.