Testimonial Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Why is AI so important for the city of Amsterdam?

“AI is changing societies, countries, businesses and cities. For that reason the City of Amsterdam has acknowledged that it must be key player in defining how we can apply AI for the good.”

What kind of research within AI is the city of Amsterdam working on and why?

“The municipality’s research on AI is somewhat early stage, but is important nonetheless. It includes data scientists working on practical cases (for example improving the livability of neighborhoods through machine learning) and innovation officers investigating an ethical and governance lab. An interesting collaboration, next to ICAI, is with KPMG, with whom we have started the auditing of algorithms.”

What will surprise us the most in AI over the next five years?

“That we somewhere in the upcoming years have to slow down AI implementations and applications to re-think departure points and re-set preconditions.”

What is the biggest misconception about AI?

“We will find out that AI is not only a ‘Technology’-question but an ‘Eclectic’-question that demands contributions from various disciplines — Eg. Philosophy, Humanity, Economy — to lead to successful implementations. ICAI is perfectly positioned for this multi-disciplinary approach!”


Ruben Nieuwenhuis is Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region Economic Board. Besides that he is director of TechConnect, Board member Codam – Coding College Amsterdam, Board member Growth Tribe Academy, Board member FutureNL and Digital Leader at World Economic Forum.