AI4Oversight lab

The AI4Oversight lab aims to develop trustworthy and responsible AI-driven methods and applications for the support of inspectors in the oversight domain, with a meaningful interaction between computer and inspector. The lab brings together public oversight organisations and knowledge institutes in their search for academically founded methods that are practice-oriented and can deal with the many challenges within the oversight domain. The lab empowers public oversight organisations to develop and apply AI-driven methods effectively and responsibly in order to fulfil their public missions. 

Research Projects

The research will focus on three themes:

1) Excellent and learning algorithms – that maximise performance while adapting to the dynamics of behaviour in the target population.

2) Explainable and fair – develop methods and applications for responsible AI-use, which is expected by society and European legislators. Responsible AI-use includes fairness, explainability, sustainability, and understanding bias and uncertainties. 

3) Hybrid AI – improve the computer-inspector interaction, where the inspector is supported by algorithms and the experiences of the inspector improve the algorithms. Together delivering understanding of  effectiveness and maximising impact of inspector deployment.


Scientific Lead 1:  Jasper van Vliet

Scientific Lead 2: Cor Veenman