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About ICAI


All ICAI labs collaborate with one or more external partner(s) (non)profit. At least 5 PhD candidates work with a strong outward-looking agenda and active collaboration in the field of knowledge transfer. Doctoral students work with the partner 1 to 2 days a week. In addition, the labs contribute to active knowledge dissemination at the local level in the region. The agenda is compiled jointly between the knowledge institution(s) and partner(s), with open publishing the results.

ICAI Experts (Joint Appointments programme)

Together with the Kickstart AI initiative, ICAI has launched a joint appointment programme. Investing in private-public collaboration through joint appointments of academic staff, providing access for the next generation of AI talent to education, training and leading academics. The first commitment is to create 5 joint appointments to academic institutions in the Netherlands by each of the frontrunner companies in Kickstart AI, adding up to 25 positions in total by the end of 2021.

ICAI Academy

Knowledge that is developed in the labs can be widely used. By setting up an academy, possibly with external partners, we can actively disseminate the knowledge acquired in the Netherlands among companies, so that this knowledge can also be applied widely. The first MOOC started in 2020.

ICAI Connector

We will actively activate the community of labs and bring together researchers and companies of the Labs to exchange knowledge, share experiences and get to know each other.

ICAI Launch pad

ICAI has initiated the Launch Pad together with Growth Accelerator and the Dutch AI Coalition with the aim to connect AI talent with organisations in the Dutch ecosystem by providing a matchmaking process between AI-PhD students and Dutch companies looking for AI talent.

ICAI Venture

The ICAI Venture programme has the aim to stimulate PhD students and staff of the knowledge institutes to look into the possibilities of starting a business with the solutions that are build. Together with the TTT.AI initiative, ICAI is working on a programme where employees of the universities can apply for support.