KPN Responsible AI Lab

KPN Responsible AI Lab is a collaboration between KPN and JADS. The lab will focus on developing technologies that allow Artificial Intelligence to be used in a responsible way. The lab will be based in Den Bosch.

JADS scientists work together with KPN CRM & Analytics on PhD research trajectories in the areas of data science, decision-making, privacy and compliance, the results of which will be used in practice to realize responsible AI solutions. KPN CRM & Analytics is the department within KPN that, based on available data, draws up reports and analyses and develops customer insights that help the organization in improving its services.

The goal of the Responsible AI Lab is to develop transparent, privacy aware, and personalized AI solutions for businesses. For five years, six PhD students work in the lab on projects contributing to the technical and legal aspects of transparency, on data engineering approaches that ensure privacy-by-design, on personalized and responsible offerings through text analytics and responsible up-lift modelling.

About JADS

JADS is the joint answer of the Technical University of Eindhoven and Tilburg University to the strongly increasing demand for experts who can improve decision-making processes within organizations, based on big data and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch

Scientific Director

Eric Postma is a professor in Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University and JADS.