Funding granted for ICAI National

ICAI National has been awarded E200K in funding from the Dutch AI Coalition. With the funding we will expand our activities with the following building blocks: ICAI Experts, ICAI Academy, ICAI Connector and ICAI Launch Pad. The foundation of the Labs will leverage the ecosystem and we want the further strengthen the Dutch knowledge and talent development in the field of AI.

building blocks

ICAI Labs: AI For Agro-Food Lab

The AI for Agro-Food lab is a collaboration of 4TU and OnePlanet in cooperation with industry partners and coordinated by Wageningen University & Research. The aim of the lab is to evolve a new generation of ecology-based sustainable agricultural production systems that are supported and enhanced by smart tailored technology.
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ICAI Connector: Lunch at ICAI Meetups

Thursday 22nd of October we will organise the first Lunch at ICAI Meetup in our series of lunches. This lunch at ICAI session is focused on computer vision in The Netherlands. Two ICAI labs share their story, two speakers highlight their recent work in computer vision, and two leaders in the field identify future directions...
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Lunch at ICAI plaatje
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ICAI Academy: MOOC AI in Practice

We are happy to announce that on November 3, the MOOC developed by TU Delft together with the ICAI Labs will start. In this MOOC you can learn what the latest insights are and what you can do in your organisation based on the knowledge developed in our ICAI Labs.
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AI in Practice

ICAI Academy: Podcast "Snoek op Zolder"

In Snoek op Zolder the hosts will be discussing small and large AI innovations, exciting research results and earth-shaking theories every week with curiosity and humor. With this podcast they aim to spread knowledge about AI and inspire people to learn more about it.

There will be a new podcast every week, you can listen to the first episode on any podcast app or platform!