ICAI: Challenges and ambitions from two perspectives

ICAI: Challenges and ambitions from two perspectives
As the ICAI Day approaches, we take a look back. Three years ago a couple of scientific researchers had an idea: stimulating AI talent in the Netherlands with bottom-up innovation and a lot of relevant stakeholders. ICAI was born. Now ICAI is growing significantly. Elvan Kula, Lab Manager & PhD student of AI for Fintech Research lab, and Maarten de Rijke, Scientific Director of ICAI, talk about the challenges and ambitions within ICAI. Read the interview

Update on the ICAI Day program

Video pitches will be shown during the event of the following startups: ELLOGON.AI, FruitPunch AI, ScreenPoint Medical and Councyl. The startups have their roots at the universities and are great examples of AI companies who are solving complex problems with AI. You are all invited to also chat with them during the virtual drinks.

Date: Thursday April 22, 2021
Time: 14:00 – 16:15 CET
Location: The online event will be recorded and streamed, live from JADS.
Find the complete the program here.

3 new labs join ICAI: AI-RONDO, e/MTIC AI-Lab and Utrecht AI & Mobility

AI-RONDO (AI for Risk Profiling and Decision Support) lab is the fifth ICAI lab in Nijmegen. The lab aims to detect Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s at an early stage and develop digital aids, such as apps and avatars, for patients already suffering from these diseases. The lab is a collaboration of Radboud University, Radboudumc, imec, and the partners in OnePlanet Research Center. Read more
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Utrecht AI & Mobility Lab is the second Utrecht University ICAI lab. Transport organisations, distributors and public organisations encounter major challenges, to which AI research can contribute. Together with partners NS, ProRail and Qbuzz, the researchers of the lab will link, strengthen and further expand research into mobility issues. Read more
e/MTIC AI-lab is the fourth ICAI lab with TU Eindhoven. In the field of healthcare, AI still has several issues to address. In hospitals, professionals are still hesitant to employ AI-based techniques because of lack of transparency, interpretability and clinical evidence. Through the e/MTIC AI-lab, AI will be made available to work in close collaboration with the clinical staff and MedTech industries to help improve personalized treatment. Read more
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