Not sure about your next step as a PhD student in AI? Knock on Kai Lemkes’ door

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Kai Lemkes has been a recruiter in the AI domain for ten years. Since a few months he has been a matchmaker within the ICAI Launch Pad program where he coaches PhD students. Lemkes: ‘PhD students have a blind spot when entering the labor market.’ Read the interview

Interested in the ICAI Launch Pad program? Register here or send an email to kai@future-impact.io.

Episode 15 and 16 of Snoek op Zolder

In episode 15 host Hennie Huijgens talks with Gijs Dubbelman of the EAISI Mobility Lab about the future of neural networks in self-driving cars. In episode 16 he sits down with Dominique Roest of the Police AI Lab to discuss the huge increase in data in the police world.

Snoek op Zolder is the biweekly science podcast of the Dutch AI Coalition and ICAI with a new episode every two weeks. (The podcast is in Dutch.)
Episode 14 with Marlou Snelders and Saskia Lensink

ICAI: The Labs - February Meetup

Thursday, February 17, 2022, 12-13hrs CET, online
This edition of 'ICAI: The Labs' focuses on AI for Food in the Netherlands. Congcong Sun (WUR) will introduce the AI for Agro-Food lab and Gert Kootstra (WUR) will give a technical talk on the robotic part. Marcel Reinders (TU Delft) will introduce the AI for Biosciences Lab and Chengyao Peng (TU Delft) will discuss his research. Sign up!
ICAI the labs
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We wish everyone a healthy wealthy 2022!

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Photo by Sergio Cabezas CC BY 2.0
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