ICAI Interview with Martijn Kleppe: gaining insights much quicker by combining AI and Humanities

Martijn Kleppe (KB) is a trained historian who collaborates with AI scientists. Kleppe: ‘When I was doing research as a historian, I could analyze twenty books in a month. For the computer this is a matter of seconds.’ Read the interview here.

Interested in culturally aware AI? Join the meetup on July 8!

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn About AI

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn About AI
TU Delft and ICAI present the online program 'AI in Practice'. A course developed for anyone interested in learning how AI technology can help your organization. Read more on how AI can be interesting for your company.

Tilburg newest ICAI location with MasterMinds Lab

MindLabs recently joined ICAI with the MasterMinds AI Lab. This makes Tilburg the newest ICAI location. The lab is dedicated to the development and evaluation of new technologies, focusing on the cross-fertilization between artificial minds and human minds. Find out more about MasterMinds Lab.
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Mercury Machine Learning Lab launched by Booking.com, UvA and TU Delft

MMLL plaatje bij nieuwsbrief
ICAI welcomes Mercury Machine Learning Lab! This newest ICAI lab revolves around various improved recommendation systems. The collaboration of Booking.com, UvA and TU Delft provides a unique opportunity to test AI techniques in the real world, allowing new machine learning methods to be safely developed for wide application. Read more

Lunch at ICAI Meetup

Thursday, July 8, 2021, 12-13hrs CET
The July edition of Lunch at ICAI will revolve around AI technology in the public sector. Cultural AI lab and Civic AI lab each present their work and discuss challenges and developments made in this field. With Jacco van Ossenbruggen (VU), Andrei Nesterov (CWI), Sennay Ghebreab (UvA) and Emma Beauxis-Aussalet (VU) Sign up!
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